• Beef Formulationsbeef-slide-3

    Beef formulations are designed for the beef herd based on forages produced in our region. Forages first with vital nutrients supplemented as needed results in more profit for beef producers.

  • Dairy FormulationsHFL8265-Howard-View-Aspen-Danielle

    Dairy formulations are based on thirty three years of consulting experience with dairy farms in our region. From forage production, nutrition technology, to
    cow comfort and health Burkmann knows
    dairy production.

  • Poultry Formulationschicken0001

    Poultry formulations are designed for people who care about where their food comes from. Wholesome, natural grains with priority toward locally produced grains are used in our products. No animal byproducts are permitted in Burkmann poultry products.

  • Goat Formulationsgoat-0002

    Goat formulations have been designed by our Ph.D. nutritionists, some of whom produce goats on their own farm. Direct consulting from a practicing vet specializing in meat and milk goat production has resulted in the development of technology based products with monitored, proven results.

  • Horse Formulationshorse-0004

    Performance, health and reproduction are the priorities designed into our horse product formulation. Underweight, easy keepers including insulin insensitive, broodmare and training horses are provided tailored science-proven nutrition solutions with our formulations.

  • Pet Formulationsgolden-retriever

    Health, safety, performance and value are the foundation parameters in our pet nutrition formulations. Extensive quality assurance and monitoring of all ingredients ensures safety for our precious pet friends, providing comfort and confidence in Burkmann pet products.

  • Rabbit Formulationslop-eared-bunny-0001

    Rabbit formulations are designed for optimum performance as well as versatility. High quality alfalfa and natural grains are the only approved ingredients. No animal byproducts are permitted.

  • Swine Formulationsswine

    Swine formulations utilize research-proven technologies to produce wholesome, nutritious pork at optimum efficiencies of production, naturally. Burkmann swine feed products are free of antibiotics or growth-promoting additives.

  • Sheep Formulationsswine

    Sheep formulations are balanced to work with your forages to support the growth and health of your flock. Strict production guidelines are followed to ensure there is no added copper in any of our sheep rations.