Goat Formulations

Goat Formulations
Goat formulations have been designed by our Ph.D. nutritionists, some of whom produce goats on their own farm.  Direct consulting from a practicing vet specializing in meat and milk goat production has resulted in the development of technology based products with monitored, proven results.

Premier Goat Pellets - RUM

Burkmann's premier product with the great reputation.  Proven technology providing proven results.  Burkmann's fastest growing product.

18% Kid Creep - DEC

A pelleted grain concentrate for growing kids. Medicated with Deccox for prevention of coccidiosis.

Classic Goat Pellet - RUM

A well accepted pelleted goat feed with properly balanced nutrition.  Contains Rumensin for coccidiosis.  A better value than commodities.

25% Caprine Balancer - RUM

A pelleted mixing supplement used to blend with grain to make a complete grain mix.  Commonly used with pelleted soy hulls to make a complete feed for goats.

Goat Mineral

Free-Choice Mineral for Goats. Provides essential nutrients to goats to compensate for nutrient deficiencies in mixed feeds or commodities such as corn, soy hulls or corn gluten feed.