Horse Formulations

Horse Formulations Performance, health and reproduction are the priorities designed into our horse product formulation.  Underweight, easy keepers including insulin insensitive, broodmare and training horses are provided tailored science-proven nutrition solutions with our formulations.

All Stock Pellet - 12

An energy and protein feed for beef cattle, dairy heifers and horses.

Gro & Glo

A specially formulated, 25% protein, 6% fat supplement for fortifying rations for cattle and horses. Added fat helps develop a shiny hair coat and bloom to animals. Feed to cattle and horses that need to look their very best.

Golden Glo 10% Textured

A textured 10% protein sweet feed for mature horses where good quality forage is fed and nutritional needs are maintenance.  Can be fed to cattle.

Sprint 12 Pellet

A highly fortified low starch pelleted grain concentrate.  Organic selenium, plant source vitamin E, chelated trace minerals, yeast culture and probiotics complement this advanced technology formula.

Sprint 14 Pellet

Our best selling horse feed.  Formulated with the same technologies as Sprint 12 but containing 14% protein.  A great basal feed for a breeding farm or horse in competition training.

Sprint Nutriplex Supplement

A pelleted "balancer" supplement to be hand fed or mixed with grain.  Perfect solution for "easy keepers," ponies, horses with EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) or horses on lush grass when calories from feed are undesirable.

Sprint Horse Mineral

A mineral-vitamin supplement for horses.  Can be fed free-choice in bottom of feed tub or mixed with feed for added fortification.