Poultry Formulations

Poultry Formulations Poultry formulations are designed for people who care about where their food comes from. Wholesome, natural grains with priority toward locally produced grains are used in our products. No animal byproducts are permitted in Burkmann poultry products.

20% Chick Starter & Grower

The first feed for baby chicks, crumble form for easy consumption.  Health is supported by Amprolium.  To be fed throughout the grower phase.

Flock Developer Pellet

A highly fortified complete feed for laying hens and meat birds.

Layer Ration 20% Crumble

Our best layer formula in crumble form.  Feed as the sole ration.

Layer Ration 20% Pellet

Our best laying ration.  Fully fortified, no additional supplements are needed.  Feed as the sole ration.

Layer Ration 16% Pellet

A 16% protein complete layer ration for hens.  Very economically priced.

Layer Ration 16% Crumble

Our 16% protein layer formula in crumble form.